Hot Metal Forming Lubricants

Hot Metal forming lubricants from FUCHS LUBRITECH

LUBRODAL products are die lubricants, which can be mixed with water, for massive forming of metals in the hot and warm temperature range. With or without graphite, black or white, LUBRODAL’s excellent properties fulfil the highest demands.

The water based hot metal forming lubricants from FUCHS LUBRITECH are economical and environmentally friendly in use due to dilution with water and spray application. Their wide wetting temperature range guarantees instant formation of a separating film on the tools. LUBRODAL hot metal forming lubricants facilitate the flow of materials and improve demoulding. Additional they have a very good cooling effect and reduce the risk of fire.

HYKOGEEN is the name associated with special applications in metal forming. These are efficient release agents and lubricants, which are not miscable in water.

LUBRODAL and HYKOGEEN products have been used successfully for many years as release agents and auxiliary materials in the foundry industry. Especially for pressure die casting there is a complete high - quality range of products available. But chill casting and gravity casting can also be carried out using FUCHS LUBRITECH mould facing lubricants.


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